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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of First Grade ... And More

Madeline started school today at Lake Superior Primary in Ashland, WI. She was so excited to start school and loved meeting new friends, class pets :), and her teacher!

Madeline was anxious to use her new "Bratz" lunchbox that grandma bought her so she packed a cold lunch today. She said she only had time to eat her mandarin oranges and some pretzels before it was time to go outside ... she didn't even open her juice! The picture on the right is Madeline with Mrs. Beeksma ... her first grade teacher. Madeline loves her teacher and particularly enjoys all the nature in Mrs. Beeksma's room ... the class has a millipede, two lizards, meal worms, caterpillars, and a fish.

Benny wanted his picture taken too ... he posed with Madeline by her locker spot :) Today was also Daddy's first day of school! He started second grade - as a teacher :) I think Aaron was more nervous than Madeline for the beginning of school; although Aaron says he had a good day with his new class as well :)
In other news, Madeline learned how to ride a TWO-WHEELED bicycle without training wheels! We were nervous that this day would never come as Madeline had little-to-no patience with the learning process :) Luckily Dad helped her try, try again and she took off on her own for the first time over Labor Day weekend!

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