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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, September 5, 2008

Benny's First Day of School

Benjamin started pre-school today at Head Start here in Ashland. He absolutely loves his teacher, Miss Dana :) He wouldn't pose for any pictures (as you can tell in the photo with his teacher) so I had to sneak in some candids while he was playing and working. I am feeling very nervous about having him at Head Start because it is every day from 11-3 and is a very large class of students. I plan on volunteering a lot so I can spend time with him in the classroom - although he is quite confident to play on his own :) His favorite parts of school are free play time and outside time, what else would I expect?!
The first picture is Benny with his teacher, Dana. One of the reasons I decided to sign Benny up for Head Start is that Miss Dana and I studied Early Childhood together at Northland College. I know her teaching philosophy and believe in her dedication to her students. Benny is very lucky to have Miss Dana for a teacher :) The next picture is Benny playing in the "dramatic play" area of the classroom. While most of the boys head for the building blocks Benny prefers to "cook" food in the microwave and serve his meals on plates :)

Every day at Head Start Benny will get a lunch and a snack. We missed lunch this morning because I had a doctor's appointment but we made it to school in time for afternoon snack! The kids were served banana-strawberry smoothies and graham crackers. Benny LOVED that they got to pour their own drinks and ate several graham crackers :) We also had a lot of time to play outside this afternoon, and it was a beautiful day! After several trips down the slide Benny found the giant sandbox full of excavators and dump trucks. He played in the sand box until it was time to go home!

Finally at the end I caught him almost smiling :) He may have been squinting in the sunlight but it looks like he was trying :) Watch for more pictures on Monday because Benny didn't get a chance to ride the bus today but on Monday he'll ride a bus to and from Head Start!

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