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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brewers: The Houston Series

Last week we went to the Brewers - Astros series in Milwaukee. The kids loved staying in a hotel with an outdoor pool and had a lot of fun at all three Brewer games :) Unfortunately, our camera did not have batteries and we didn't pick any up until our last day of vacation.
Some unpictured hightlights:
Benny leading chants of "Wets go CeCe (as in Sebathia)" and "Go Bwewews!" In the left field bleacher seats.
Madeline eating stadium popcorn with two hands like she'd never eaten food in her life :)
Benny yelling "Wets go Manny Parwa" during the third game of the series.
The awesome seats we had during games one and two.
The 'Fonz' (oh yeah) throwing out the first pitch during game two :)
The heated outdoor pool!

The kids got to play in the Kids Zone (basically a playland) before the games and they stopped long enough to pose on a bag of peanuts :) As usual Benny watched the game from Daddy's lap because the seats fold up on him when he's on his own.

Madeline tried her best to stay focused and interested and followed the first game pretty well :) After that we brought activity books and pads of paper to keep her interested.

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