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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pottery Burn And The Park

On Thursday the kids and I went to Duluth to spend the day with my friend Jen and her two boys (Benny's buddy Aidan and little Declan). We took the kids to lunch and then we went to Pottery Burn, a place where the kids can paint a piece of pottery and pick it up a week later after it has been fired. We had a lot of fun expressing our creativity and hanging out :)

Madeline had her eye on the dragon right from the beginning ... I'm not sure what drew her to this statue but she had a fun time painting him a glittery pink with purple wings.
Benny chose a fighter jet, I'm sure because they didn't have any car pieces :) He decided it should be green and blue.
I painted three plates, each with a handprint of the kids. The staff at Pottery Burn were SO HELPFUL in getting nice handprints of the kids ... she even got a good handprint from Annie!!
Our artwork :)
The kids did an awesome job ... they got a little silly towards the end though :)
These two are so funny. Aidan is a serious, smart old man trapped in a three year old's body and Benny is a clown :) They make a good pair!
After painting we decided the kids needed somewhere to run around so we took them to the park. It was a beautiful day and the kids were excited to finally be at a playground after months of waiting!!!
Benny had to warm up to the idea of slides again, but by the end of the excursion he was going down the tornado slide just like last summer :)
Maddy is the thrill seeker ... she LOVES spinning fast on the tire swing!
Even Annie enjoyed the park :)
I think I am in trouble though ... she is a TWO nuk girl. She needs one to hold and one to suck otherwise she gets upset. This cannot bode well for her future temperment.
Maddy thought climbing the outside of the tube slide looked more fun than going down it.

Benny - a dirtball already and summer isn't even here yet!

When we were about to leave the park a train came by and the kids were so excited they ran towards it at full speed. It stopped right in front of the field and started going backwards - which amazed Benny.

The crew after a long day!

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