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Monday, April 6, 2009

Annie At Mealtimes

It has been a long time since I updated our blog! We have been very busy traveling every weekend since we got back from D.C. and life has been crazy around here! A couple of days ago Annalise had her first meal of rice cereal ... I can't believe she's already five months old! She loved the first feeding so I bought a can of formula to mix her cereal with so I wouldn't have to pump every day but she HATES the cereal with formula :( She gagged and pushed it out of her mouth and made a sour face. Guess I'll have to keep pumping...

We also borrowed a Bumbo chair from my friend Jen, who doesn't need it while she's in Dominica. Thanks to the chair Annie can join Maddy and Benny at the dinner table and drool over their foods! She loves sitting up like a big girl :)

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The Zak Family said...

5 months?! Wow! Love the picture of the 3 of them at the table! So cute!