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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekends At Our House

Weekends are fun family time around our place :) This weekend Benny got to play his first NHL '09 game on his own ... usually he practices without any defensive players or plays with an unplugged controller while Aaron plays. He actually won his first attempt! The video is super cute, he kept clicking his legs together when he was nervous about a play or feeling the intensity of the game :)
If you want to hear the sound, which you will for the second video because Maddy describes a dream that is quite funny, go down to the playlist and click the pause button ... that way you will hear video sound without the noise of the music. Enjoy!!!



The Victory Pose!!

Sorry it's so dark ... still, you can see the feet clicking while he plays :)

Often times on the weekends in the evening we let Annalise sleep on the couch while we watch TV or hang out in the living room ... she seems to sleep better where there is noise and activity because then she doesn't feel so alone :)

My favorite part about the weekends is how relaxed we can be in the mornings. Sometimes the kids pile into our bed and we get to talk and goof around. This morning I took a little video so you could get a glimpse into our weekends :)


The Zak Family said...

Our families are so alike! LOVE that post!!!!! :)


I love this post!!! Ben looks so adorable playing his game, I love the feet thing (they really get going?. Annie looks so peaceful sleeping on the couch. The family video rocked, reminds me so much of Sat morning in our house.