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Thursday, December 11, 2008

My My How Time Flies . . .

To all of my loyal blog follwers I am truly sorry ... this is a long overdue update! Unfortunately I do not have as many pictures to document our past 6 weeks as I wanted - the camera has been an afterthought to all the additional packing it takes to go anywhere these days! By the time I realize I've forgotten the camera we're already too late to turn back.

The first couple weeks after Annalise was born I was lucky enough to have my mom in town to help out with Maddy and Benny - and keep up on my housework! Annalise, like Benjamin, was slow in learning to nurse. Those first days home were a horrible blur of nursing and cat-napping. In addition to the fear of starving my new baby to death, I had an awful experience with the hormonal ups and downs (mostly downs) of the baby blues and couldn't have made it through those weeks without my mom. Luckily the mood swings have evened out and I am feeling much more optimistic and capable these days.

Auntie Chris bought Annie a headband and took this goofy picture :)

Two weeks after Annie was born Madeline made her acting debut in the AHS adaptation of "It's a Wonderful Life" as the young ZuZu (you know the line, "every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings" - that was her). She immensely enjoyed her brush with stardom and is looking forward to acting again soon :) We weren't allowed to take pictures during the play so I don't have much to show you but I hope you enjoy the pictures of her in full costume and during play practice. It was a big committment and I am very proud of her for her hard work!

Grandma Yvonne made her nightgown and we curled her hair with hot rollers before the performance :)

More recently Benny had a preschool Christmas Program at Our Lady of the Lake. I thought once he saw Madeline, Annalise and I sitting in the front row he'd jump off the stage and refuse to take part, but I was proved wrong when he proudly took part in the singing (and motions!) of every song! He was also very proud of himself :)

Madeline also had a Christmas Program at Lake Superior Primary this week. She looked adorable in her "santa" dress and did a great job remembering the words to all the songs! I forgot my camera, but fortunately Roxanne remembered hers and took a couple of pictures of Madeline for me ...

I am also so fortunate to have such a nurturing group of friends who have made this first month so much easier! Thank you all so much for the meals, playdates, phone calls, and cards! I am so blessed and thankful for all of you!
I will do a much better job of keeping this updated now that I have tackled this first belated entry!

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The Zak Family said...

Abby, it is SO GREAT to see you back!!!! I've missed you! Now, I need to meet and squeeze that baby girl!!! I remember those early days with all 3 of my kids. I'm glad to hear that life is starting to even and out and become more normal for you. That is such a great feeling. Always know that I'm here if you need anything! We can be crazy moms of 3 together. :)