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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, September 15, 2008

Benny's New Preschool

Benny started at his new school today, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Preschool. Head Start was not working for our family - the class size was much too large and many students in the class had needs that obstructed the teacher's ability to manage the whole classroom in a way that we were comfortable with. We visited OLL and were much more comfortable with the number of students and class management. Additionally, we like the religious aspect of his new preschool and are looking forward to only sending him two days a week. Madeline was able to drop him off with me today since she was home from school not feeling well :( Although he cried when we left he seemed to have a ton of fun and told us all about his day when we picked him up. He said he painted an "agergator" (aligator) with green paint, played outside on the playground, and played with the car track inside :)

Benny posed by his locker with his new Lightening McQueen backpack ... he loves having his own spot to hang his coat and backpack :) There is another little boy in his preschool named "Ben" so we made sure that the teacher labeled his stuff with "Benny" (my dream come true :).

Benny was more willing to smile with Madeline by his side :) He was really sad when it was time for us to leave ... he especially wanted Maddy to stay with him at school. When we got home he went right to playing with his cars and refused to take his backpack off!

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