Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Science Museum and Public Transportation

Over the weekend we met Aaron in Minneapolis for a weekend stay at the Marriott. On Sunday we decided to take the kids to the Science Museum (a favorite of mine when I was little) to do some exploring. Enjoy the pictures!

Madeline was intrigued by the Earth/Sun model that spun to show the seasons and the cause of day and night (I think it finally made sense to her). Aaron helped the kids do a practice newscast ... Madeline read the teleprompter while Benny made silly faces into the camera.
Both kids LOVED the dinosaur exhibit and posed on a smaller replica of dinosaurs in their "natural" habitat. The tube on the right represented the "belly of a beast" and the kids enjoyed pretending they were eaten up by a giant dinosaur!
Maddy took a turn controlling the giant wave machine. She also took a look at the river through the telescope at the museum.
One of the Science Museum's newest exhibits is a towboat (in use until 2002 they use the front half of the towboat as an actual room at the museum). Madeline pretended she was driving and Benny acted as first mate :)
We also took the kids to see an Omni-Theater movie. Madeline enjoyed the sensation of flying over the Alps but Benny wasn't so sure ... he kept asking "Why we movin'?" and finally fell asleep about half way through.

While in the cities we also took Benny on a much anticipated "train" ride on the light rail. He LOVES public transportation (buses, subways, etc.) and really enjoyed his experience in Minneapolis. In fact, he talked about it for about 15 hours straight both before and after his ride and he still covets his ticket :)

Maddy enjoyed herself but doesn't have quite the same passion for mass transit :)