Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daddy's Day Home

Yay! Daddy came home!!!

The kids always love to see pictures of what he has seen in D.C.; he had some video of the panda bears from the National Zoo that the kids really enjoyed! He also took a picture of me with the kids ... when I'm home with the kiddos I'm always the one BEHIND the camera!
Aaron came home late on Tuesday and stayed until very early Thursday morning ... even though it was just for one day the kids had so much fun playing with him and enjoying the warm weather. He made a baseball star out of Maddy ... she even posed for a picture (and I made her into a baseball card, which she LOVES):

Here are some action shots of Madeline practicing her batting. She hit four "home runs" over the fence in the backyard!

She is really learning to keep her eye on the ball and follow-through with her swing. Notice the muddy tights and shoes!!

Although Benny LOVES to be the batter he ended up playing catcher for a long time while Madeline showed off her skills :) He's got a nice wind-up ... and if you notice he's a lefty!

Madeline also took Benny on a "worm hunt" after the big thunder storm on Monday night ... although she searched through all the mud and puddles all she could come up with was one dead worm :(
Well, the kids and I are looking forward to a four-day weekend! Madeline has off of school on Thursday and Friday of this week for a Spring Break (it's only supposed to be 35 degrees tomorrow). We don't have any plans yet but I'm sure we'll be busy anyway!