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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun With Dad

Well, as most of you know, Aaron has been traveling to Washington D.C. a lot lately; he gives tours to school groups from all over the United States. Although it is hard to have him gone so much we're so glad he has been able to find a rewarding alternative to teaching (but we're REALLY happy he'll be back to teaching in the fall - 2nd Grade). He loves the history and culture of D.C. Occasionally he takes the camera on his trips ... enjoy the pictures!

The night tours make for some of the best pictures! The cherry blossoms were blooming last time he was in D.C. ... he said it was beautiful!


It was really nice to have him home for a whole week ... the kids really enjoyed having Dad home to play with. He encouraged Madeline to build a snowman on Monday and on Wednesday he took the kids biking in the empty parking lot next door. If you can believe it the pictures were taken only two days apart! Today it was a warm 65 degrees here in Ashland!

While Maddy painstakingly built her snowman Benny looked on and sampled the snow :)

The troublesome two on their bikes!! Madeline is almost ready to lose the training wheels and hopefully this summer Benny will learn to pedal that trike!