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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Start?

Okay ... really. For those of you who know me, I am addicted to Facebook - if you would like more frequent updates on the family, join Facebook and add me as a friend! That being said, I will TRY to be more diligent about updating this beast ... so much to do so little time!
Summer vacation was fun ... lots of vacations and outside fun! The kids were anxious to get back to school though (or was that me, projecting?). Either way, school is going really well, too. Madeline was so pumped to have her lifelong dream of getting a dog come true! Oscar is a pretty good dog, but he does chew on a lot of things (like MY shoes and pacifiers). We're glad he's part of our family now, though. The kids have been busy with school, and Madeline is in gymnastics on Saturdays, Girl Scouts, 4H, and hockey. Benny is in hockey, as well. The first part of the season was spent learning to skate and now they are practicing some skills on skates ... it's lots of fun and lots of work!
Aaron has been to quite a few Packer's games this year, and he brought Benny to two of them ... they had some fun time bonding as Packer fans and got in some good father/son quality time. Aaron starts traveling soon, and we will definitely miss him around here!
I took 3 summer credits and 11 fall credits towards my Master's program, which starts this fall officially (cross your fingers that I get in!). I got a B in Statistics but all A's this fall. Right now I'm taking my last 4 credits of prerequisites!
Annalise turned 1 ... she continues to be a joy to have around. She is the happiest, easiest baby EVER! Both Aaron and I think she's about a month from walking, big girl :)
Again, I will TRY to do a better job of keeping this blog updated ... but I can't promise anything! In addition to my three kids, dog, working husband, school work, WAKO, and maintaining friendships (important of course), I started delivering meals on wheels ... I'm a little short on free time lately! Enjoy & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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The Zak Family said...

So glad you are back! I thoroughly enjoy anything written by Abby! :) And I want to hear about the Meals on Wheels delivery???