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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Busy Week!

Open House At LSP!
Monday September 22nd!
Lake Superior Elementary School hosted a family night from 4-7 on Monday. The PTA provided pizza and ice cream for all students and families in attendance. The classrooms were open for students to show off their work and the gym was available for running space!

In addition to Madeline enjoying showing off her classroom lizards, it was Aaron's first open house as a 2nd Grade teacher! Maddy was anxious to show off her daddy to some of her friends :)

It also happened to be Madeline's "Giant of the Week" week ... she happily posed in front of her family poster :) Benny, of course, found a quiet spot on the floor to play with cars.

Madeline and her friends Kayla and Samantha enjoyed pizza and milk in the lunchroom, courtesy of hte PTA :)

Benny's New Bike!
Tuesday, September 23rd
On Tuesday Aaron took Benny to the bike shop to pick out a new bike! He learned to peddle his trike like a champ this summer and we figured he'd do better next summer on a big boy bike if he had some practice this fall. He loves to peddle up and down the sidewalk and already feels he's ready for long bike rides with Dad and Maddy :)

He picked out a blue and silver Trek with training wheels :) Sometimes he needs help getting rolling, but he's getting stronger and stronger!!! Enjoy the video :)

Copper Falls
Wednesday September 24th

On Wednesday Benny, Jane, Oliver, Lucy and I went to Copper Falls for a hike and lunch with some other WAKO families. We enjoyed the cool weather on the hiking trails and were amazed at all the fall colors! Benny ran back and forth on the trails, I'm sure he walked three times as far as I did!

Benny found some leaves for Madeline ... he was especially fond of the deep red ones!

Benny and Oliver are starting to be such good buddies :)

Vehicle Extravaganza!
Saturday, September 27th
The Vaughn Library held a vehicle extravaganza for children this weekend. There were several fire trucks, police cruisers, ambulences, and city vehicles for kids to climb in and on. Sparky the dog even made an appearance! We brought Madeline and Benny along with Maddy's friend Kayla and our cousin John.

Madeline and Kayla were wary of Sparky and Benny wouldn't even go near him! They eagerly posed in the scoop of the excavator though :)

Madeline ran from vehicle to vehicle trying out the driver's seat in each! Benny wouldn't sit in any of the cars and was pretty much traumatized the whole time :(

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Aaaw, love all the new pics. You guys sure had one busy week!!!!
Nice bike Benny!