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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long Weekend With Grammy

We took a long weekend to visit Grandma in St. Louis Park, MN. We left on Wednesday (June 25) after Baseball practice and stayed until Sunday (June 29). It was nice to have almost three full days with Grandma!

It was very hot this time we visited Grammy 'Ola in the cities. Luckily she had a small pool on hand and the kids splashed and played in the water to keep cool :)

Ahhh, sometimes they love each other so much :)

On Friday we took the kids to Como Zoo to see the animals, visit the new butterfly atrium, and ride some rides. It was a really hot day but the kids LOVED every part of it :)
In the Conservatory there is a new wing called "The Tropics" ... the kids enjoyed seeing the gigantic fish, the anaconda, tarantula spiders, and various other snakes, lizards, and insects.
The newest attraction at the Como Zoo is the Butterfly Atrium (Butterflies in Bloom). It is shaped like a giant caterpillar tent; when you enter the tent you are surrounded by colorful flowers, butterflies, and fruits. Madeline really wanted a butterfly to land on her, but Benny would only get down to take this one picture.
We visited the giraffes first :) Madeline loved that they were really tall (like on TV) but Benny HATED the smell :) In addition to the giraffes we also saw zebras, tigers, monkeys, apes, flamingos, seals, buffalo, sheep, snow leopards, and wolves!
Even though the animals were exciting, the best part of the day was the rides :) Benny was too small and uninterested but Madeline enjoyed a ride on the swings and the go-karts. She also went on a "grown-up" ride and needed a chaperone ... good thing Grammy 'Ola was there to accompany her :)