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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Edge

We met Aaron on Mother's Day weekend for a stay at The Edge in Duluth. Although we only had a couple days to spend with him the kids and I really enjoyed having some down time with Dad! The kids had a ton of fun at the waterpark and Auntie Hilly even met us for an afternoon at the pools!
Madeline LOVED climbing across the "waterwalk" and she was an expert by the end of our stay!

Us Mertig's call this pool the "toilet pool" (officially known as the Vortex); it swirls around and makes for some fun floating :)

Benny mostly stuck around the "hot" pool, his little body couldn't keep warm :)

Madeline even got brave enough to try some of the waterslides for the first time! She was feelin' pretty proud :)

The kids made themselves totally at home at the hotel; Benny played Leapster and Madeline soaked up some TV time :)